Tuesday, 30 October 2012

40 Shades of Ballyshannon

Blog 3  40 Shades of Ballyshannon  

On Thursday 8th November an illustrated talk, with a light flavour, on Ballyshannon history past and present will be given by local historian Anthony Begley in the Abbey Centre at 8.30 p.m. To accompany the talk entitled, 40 Shades of Ballyshannon, Patricia Keane and Conor Carney will recite popular and rare songs, ballads, poems and stories. A talk is held annually in memory of Louis and Kathleen Emerson and will follow the opening of the Allingham weekend by Sean McGinley, a nationally known actor whose roots are in Ballyshannon. The event is organised by Co. Donegal Historical Society in association with the Allingham Arts Association.
Below are a few rarely asked local questions which may be answered at the talk in the Abbey on Thursday 8th November:
1.      According to legend who was involved in the first case of adultery in Ireland?
2.      Where was a 2,000 year old French sword found in Ballyshannon?
3.      Who had the first licence for a pub in Ballyshannon?
4.      This man was put in prison for eloping with a young lady and is remembered in a ballad?
5.      What local woman disguised as a man became a national celebrity for short time?
6.      Who came to Ballyshannon in 1922 and are still here 90 years later?
7.      In the 1930s “sitting out in cars” was declared illegal. And the reason?
8.      What Ballyshannon telegram led to an international debate?
9.      Where was the first public library located in Ballyshannon in 1948?
10.  What was a Belashannighan?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ballyshannon Fisherman´s Curious Discovery

A most unusual discovery was made by a fisherman on the river Erne at Ballyshannon in 1928. He discovered a secret formula for catching fish!

The fisherman noticed that an egg exporter who had his business premises on  West Port in the town had been throwing his breakages and stale eggs into the Erne at the rear of his premises. Lots of trout immediately swarmed around the broken eggs. Our clever fisherman hit on a novel method of catching fish. He used a piece of hard- boiled egg as bait on his hook and soon landed a fine trout. Other fishermen were dubious about the success of his new discovery but were convinced when he caught a number of trout. Soon other fishermen were using egg as bait. One wonders when the practice declined or whether this secret formula would still work today!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ballyshannon Musings - Introduction

Anthony Begley here. Hello. I plan to use this blog to post items of interest about Ballyshannon's past for all of you at home and especially all of you far away.
Watch this space for musings about Ballyshannon and surrounding areas.