Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ballyshannon Fisherman´s Curious Discovery

A most unusual discovery was made by a fisherman on the river Erne at Ballyshannon in 1928. He discovered a secret formula for catching fish!

The fisherman noticed that an egg exporter who had his business premises on  West Port in the town had been throwing his breakages and stale eggs into the Erne at the rear of his premises. Lots of trout immediately swarmed around the broken eggs. Our clever fisherman hit on a novel method of catching fish. He used a piece of hard- boiled egg as bait on his hook and soon landed a fine trout. Other fishermen were dubious about the success of his new discovery but were convinced when he caught a number of trout. Soon other fishermen were using egg as bait. One wonders when the practice declined or whether this secret formula would still work today!

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