Monday, 21 January 2013

Ballyshannon Musings Update

Ballyshannon Musings

·        Forthcoming Blogs

28th January 2013: The Maid of the Melvin Shore and other True Stories
11th February 2013: The Worst Fire Ever in Ballyshannon 150 Years Ago
25th February 2013: Early drama groups and Ballyshannon playwrights
11th March 2013: Local links to two unusual Olympic Games
Short local history stories from the Ballyshannon area have been posted on the internet in recent times. The free site will continue to publish local history during 2013 the year of “The Gathering” and has already built up a good following at home and abroad. Please spread the word to reach a wider audience of people with an interest in the Ballyshannon area.
·        “Ballyshannon Musings” can be found by googling:  
ballyshannon musings
The following blogs can be read on the site:
Ballyshannon Fisherman’s Curious Discovery/40 Shades of Ballyshannon /Lots of Local History at Allingham Festival/Centenary of De La Salle 1912-2012/Ballyshannon Workhouse Closes 90 Years Ago/The Garden Fete and Fancy Dress Parade1945/Christmas Shopping in Ballyshannon in 1889/19th Century Ballyshannon- A Commercial Centre/Dancing and “Sitting Out” in Cars in 1935/Ten Rarely Asked Questions on the Ballyshannon Area/“Let me sing of what I know(1)” /“Let me sing of what  I know” (2)/Farewell to Ballyshannon
Anthony Begley
The blogs are available on the internet but can also be found on my facebook page for anyone who wants a regular link. Spread the word.
Next Blog  on Monday next,  28th January 2013. The Maid of the Melvin Shore and other True Stories

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