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Ballyshannon Musings Worldwide Interest

Ballyshannon Musings - Worldwide Interest

Ballyshannon Musings Reaching 18 Countries

Greetings to readers in the 18 countries listed below who are tuning in to Ballyshannon Musings. It is good to know that people with connections or an interest in the area are keeping in touch. The blog will continue for this year of The Gathering with new pieces of local history every fortnight.

Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

Top 5 Blogs

The 5 most popular blogs at the moment are:
1.        Christmas Shopping in Ballyshannon in 1889
2.        Ballyshannon Fisherman’s Curious Discovery
3.        Farewell to Ballyshannon
4.        Centenary of De La Salle
5.        19th Century Ballyshannon-a Commercial Centre

Ballyshannon Musings site has had a great response at home and abroad and no doubt there are many more people who would enjoy some of the stories and insights. Let friends and relations know about the site. Spread the word and keep reading, as it also encourages the writer to know that there is someone out there! Ballyshannon Musings
A link also available on my Facebook page for anyone who wants to get a regular update.

 The Gathering in Ballyshannon –check out local events in the summer which would interest you. Lots happening in the area.
Google:  Ballyshannon-The Gathering, for a host of local events in the summer.
Next Blog will be posted on Monday next 11th February recalling an event over 150 years ago:  “The Worst Fire ever in Ballyshannon” when upwards of 20 properties on the Back Street down as far as the present Sean Ógs were burned or damaged
Back Catalogue of stories and articles available on the site.

New Local History Book: “Ballyshannon Genealogy and History” by Anthony Begley details new history of the Ballyshannon area in the 19th and 20th centuries including fishing,
sport, tourism, social history, flora and fauna, The Independence struggle, The Emergency, buildings, townland history and lots of reminiscences. 

None of the material used in the blogs is taken from this book. The book covers an area roughly from Ballyshannon:

To Rossnowlagh, to Belleek, to Finner/ Bundoran to the Loughside and towards Ballintra. Includes all the parish of Kilbarron and the local parts of Mágh Ene parish.
Contains 500 pages with much material on how to trace your roots. All the gravestone inscriptions in the 3 local cemeteries are recorded and indexed, with aerial photographs for ease of location.
The book includes many rare images and modern colour aerial photographs of the area.
Available from The Novel Idea Ballyshannon/The Four Masters Bookshop Donegal Town or can be ordered on line from Price €25 softback plus postage if required. A limited number of hardbacks also available. Enquiries welcome.

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