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Ballyshannon Imprisonments, Whippings and Transportation to Van Diemen´s Land

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Ballyshannon Imprisonments, Whippings and Transportation to Van Diemen’s Land

Theft of property was viewed very seriously in the past and those brought before the courts faced very severe sentences including being transported to Tasmania (Van Diemen’s Land). Five of those named below were from the Ballyshannon area and were transported for various acts of stealing. They were sent to prison in Australia on the other side of the world.

 Damage to property could result in a jail sentence and a public whipping through the streets of Ballyshannon as the first case below indicates

The most bizarre and cruel charge was that against inmates who had escaped from the Workhouse in Ballyshannon and their crime was? ---you’d never guess!

Prison and Public Whipping through Ballyshannon

In 1823 John McGarrigle, James McEntire, Charles Judge, Michael and Owen McGarrigle were charged with pulling down a house near Ballyshannon the property of Mary McGarrigle. All found guilty and were to be imprisoned for a year. They were also to be publicly whipped through the town of Ballyshannon from the Bridge to the Fair Green on the following days- 12th April, 21st June, and 18th September.

Transported to Van Diemen’s Land

In 1824 Alicia Leonard and Margaret alias Mary McManus were sentenced to seven years transportation for stealing wearing apparel in Ballyshannon. On 7th August 1833 Margaret McShee stole three dresses belonging to Margaret McAdden a dressmaker in Ballyshannon. She was before Donegal Assizes in March 1834 and was sentenced to be transported for 7 years.
On the 23rd of July 1840 at Donegal Assizes, Thomas Mc Cann was arrested for stealing wearing apparel at Ballyshannon on the 14th of July. The prisoner pleaded guilty and he said that he was in liquor at the time. His lordship said that in consequence of his being of good behaviour before that date he would sentence him to be transported for seven years! Seven years!!
Ellen Maguire was charged with having stolen goods on her person. She was sentenced to seven years transportation


Rose Doherty was found in David Carter’s shop with intention to steal and was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment. David Carter was the editor of the local newspaper called “The Ballyshannon Herald” and also owned a shop selling a variety of stationery on Castle Street in the town.
Terence McCawley was convicted for stealing a pig and was sentenced to four months imprisonment.

A Shocking Sentence for a Bizarre Offence

What charge was brought against some inmates from the Workhouse?

A number of inmates from Ballyshannon Workhouse were brought to the court and charged with theft. They had absconded from the workhouse at different intervals and were charged with stealing the workhouse clothes which they were wearing at the time! Life was certainly tough for those poor inmates.

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